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Injury and Wrongful Death cases

Slip and Fall at a major chain steakhouse where the busboy spilled a drink on the floor and then left the site unattended for 15 minutes.  The client slipped and fell while leaving the restaurant and suffered severe orthopaedic injury requiring multiple surgeries. Confidential settlement.

Slip and Fall at a major chain restaurant where employee mopped the floor without putting out any "wet floor" warning signs. The client, who had his back to the area when the mopping occurred, got up to use the restroom and slipped and fell. The client fractured vertebrae in his neck that required surgery. Confidential settlement.

Fall by a child in the play area of a major fast food restaurant where the play area was set up such that the child climbed the equipment and ended up over the unprotected floor. When the child fell, he suffered a compound fracture to his right arm. Although the defendant restaurant originally attempted to blame the grandmother, our evidence that the play area was unreasonably safe led to a confidential settlement and a re-design of the play area.

Bicycle rider struck by the delivery driver of a major chain sandwich shop. The defendant originally claimed that our client was improperly sidewalk and that its delivery driver had no duty to see an "illegal" bike rider. At the defendant's deposition, we got him to admit that not only was he required to stop and look, but that had he done so he would have seen our client. Immediately following our securing that testimony, the defendant offered a significant settlement, which our client accepted.

Pedestrian struck and killed by an inattentive driver. We represented the family of a young woman who had been celebrating with friends and attempted to cross a poorly lit road. Due to the results of her bloodwork at the hospital, the defendant claimed no responsibility. Through the use of expert testimony and compelling demonstrative evidence, we showed how despite the defense claims, the defendant driver had ample opportunity to see our clients' daughter in time to avoid this tragedy. This case settled the week before trial.

Passenger riding in an Uber vehicle struck by a drunk driver. We represented a young woman who suffered orthopaedic injury as a passenger in an Uber. The at-fault driver had limited insurance and we worked through the available UM/UIM coverages to obtain a substantial settlement for our client.

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