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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  Can I handle my own injury case?

Answer:  Only by consultation with a licensed attorney can you be assured about this.  One thing is for certain.  If you have been injured by the actions of others, the insurance company who may have to pay the claim would much rather you not hire a lawyer.  The Bullock Law Firm, PC is happy to consult with you and give you an honest opinion about your potential case.

Question:  Aren't all lawyers the same?

Answer:  As in all professions, there is a wide range of experience and ability with attorneys.  Your selection of an attorney is an important one.  Ask your family and friends for a referral.  Believe it or not, some lawyers advertise for personal injury cases with no intention of ever taking your case to trial.  If a quick settlement cannot be attained, these lawyers will refer your case to a lawyer with trial experience.  The insurance companies know who is willing (and able) to try a case and settlement offers are adjusted accordingly.  At the Bullock Law Firm, PC, each and every case is prepared for trial.

Question:  How much is my case worth?

Answer:  It depends.  Be wary of attorneys or their representatives who make promises as to the "worth" of your claim.  Of course, the Bullock Law Firm, PC will advise you if at any point it is believed that your case is not economically viable.  A lawsuit is a serious matter, not a lottery ticket.  Your case will be evaluated and you will receive a professional opinion that you can rely upon in your decisions.

Question:  How can I have you evaluate my case?

Answer:  It is easy.  Simply call (404) 913-8383.  An initial consultation will be scheduled and forms will be provided to you in order for us to get started.  If we are able to accept your case, we will promptly get to work upon your signing of our Attorney Services Agreement.

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