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Burn Injury Attorney

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) has the power to take a life and make it unrecognizable. If this has happened to you or your family member, Bullock Law Firm, PC, is here to help you put the pieces back together.

Helping Our Clients Move On After Sustaining Traumatic Brain Injuries

Based in Atlanta, our Georgia injury law firm is led by founder Bud Bullock. Our Atlanta traumatic brain injury attorney offers individuals and families more than a decade of extensive and skilled trial experience representing TBI. 

When it comes to TBIs, it is important to understand that no two brain injuries are alike nor will the physical, mental and emotional effects become evident in the same way. In many instances, it can be hard to recognize a brain injury right after an accident. It may take days, weeks or even months after an accident before TBI victims and family members recognize any damage has taken place. 

Our clients have suffered burn injuries from a number of causes, including:

  • Thermal burns (Fires, Explosions, Scalds, Surgical Instruments)
  • Chemical burns (Acids, Beauty Products, Chemicals)
  • Electrical burns (Utilities & Faulty Wiring)
  • Radiology burns (MRI machines)

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