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Lives change in an instant when you or someone you care about is injured by the carelessness of others. The law entitles you to be compensated for the harm done to your life. The insurance companies hope you will try to handle your case yourself or hire an attorney who dabbles in personal injury cases. You need an attorney who concentrates in recovering compensation for victims of negligence. At the Bullock Law Firm, PC, injury cases are all we handle.

Let us fight for you to recover full justice for the pain you have endured.

For over 20 years, Bud Bullock has practiced extensively in the area of catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death. These cases range from truck wrecks to negligent security to other motor vehicle collisions. Contact the Bullock Law Firm, PC today for a free consultation about your case.

  • Wrongful Death | There is no pain worse than having a loved one's life cut short by the negligence of others. The Bullock Law Firm, PC has handled dozens of wrongful death cases and understands the complexities of the Georgia Wrongful Death statutes.
  • Truck Accidents | Truck wrecks are not simply large car accidents. The rules and regulations that apply to tractor-trailers are complicated. From early in his career, Bud Bullock defended trucking companies and knows how they will try to minimize the compensation paid to you. He will use that experience to maximize your recovery.
  • Car & Motorcycle Accidents | The Bullock Law Firm, PC handles car and motorcycle accidents where the injuries are severe. We know the challenges faced by those injured in collecting from the insurance of the at fault driver, your own UM/UIM insurance and then dealing with claims from health insurance.
  • Falls | Not all falls just happen. Where the property owner failed to make a hazard safe for its customers they can trip, slip or otherwise fall and injure themselves. Georgia law makes these cases challenging but we have years of experience in combating the defenses to help you obtain the recovery to which you are entitled.
  • Negligent security | Property owners such as shopping centers and landlords actively encourage people to come to their locations. When the owners know about dangerous criminal activity of which the general public is unaware, the owners have a duty to take reasonable security measures such as hiring security guards or installing security cameras. When they fail to do so and predictably someone is the victim of crime, the property owner is responsible for its share of the harm.

Our Contingency Fees | At the Bullock Law Firm, PC, there is no fee unless you win.


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